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Community-Based Collaborative Global Network

The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative is a network of educational institutions and community organizations that advances ethical, critical, and aspirationally de-colonial community-based learning and research for more just, inclusive, and sustainable communities. The Collaborative does this through several specific mechanisms: Interdependence: Global Solidarity and Local Actions – a new, growing, and adapting collection of online learning activities and critical civic tools designed to deepen college-level learners’ understanding of and engagement with ethical interdependence. The Global Engagement Survey, a multi-institutional study that examines the outcomes of high impact programming, such as engaged learning and study abroad, on local and global civic learning, cultural humility, and critical reflection Mobilizing and disseminating Fair Trade Learning as a set of principles and practices that promote ethical community-campus partnership A campus-community organizer and activist website hosted by Campus Compact that collects and mobilizes tools, insights, and peer-reviewed research to support faculty, staff, administrators, and community workers in efforts to leverage pedagogy and partnerships toward more just, inclusive, sustainable communities. 

About the speaker

Eric Hartman has dedicated his career to improving the ways in which educational institutions contribute to just, inclusive, and sustainable communities. He serves as Executive Director of the Haverford College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship and writes a regular column on global issues and local opportunities for learning and action for Generocity Philly. His most recent peer-reviewed publication is Coloniality-Decoloniality and Critical Global Citizenship: Identity, Belonging, and Education Abroad in Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. Hartman is lead author of Community-Based Global Learning: The Theory and Practice of Ethical Engagement at Home and Abroad (2018) and has written for several peer reviewed and popular publications including The Stanford Social Innovation Review, International Educator, Tourism and Hospitality Research, and The Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning. Eric served as executive director of a community-driven global non profit organization, Amizade, and taught human rights, transdisciplinary research methods, and globalization in global studies programs at a number of institutions before arriving at Haverford College. With a PhD in International Development from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Eric has worked in cross-cultural development practice and education in Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Tanzania, and throughout the United States. He co-founded both The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative and the global engagement survey (GES), initiatives that advance ethical, critical, aspirationally decolonial community-based global learning. 


Associate Professor Dr. Tariq Zaman, University College of Technology Sarawak

Service-Learning Asia Network

About the speaker

Carol Ma is known among academics and community work practitioners as an active and passionate advocate of Service-Learning and ageing in Asia. Carol is the founding member of the Service-Learning at Lingnan University and has revitalized the Service-Learning Asia Network. As a pioneer of Service-Learning in Hong Kong, she has done researches, community outreach and even fund raising. She believes Service-Learning can contribute a win-win situation to all stakeholders including teachers, students, community in the region of Asia. She decided to work in Singapore as she wants to understand more about multi-perspectives of Service-Learning and experience how Service-Learning means to the region. She is currently Head of the Master and PhD Programmes in Gerontology and the Graduate Certificate of Service-Learning at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). With a strong Service-Learning background, Carol is appointed as the Senior Fellow for Center for Experiential Learning to advise the development of Service-Learning and setup of the National Service-Learning Clearing House in Singapore. In addition, she also serves as senior consultant conducts various community-based researches and trainings for students, teachers and community partners from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Indonesia, etc. As an energetic and a committed scholar, Carol is also on the board of the Advisors for the International Center for Service-Learning in Teachers Education and serves as the section co-editor of the International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement. She has published books and articles on Service-Learning and aging in referee journals and policy papers for global agencies including UN ESCAP and US higher education institutes.


Associate Professor Dr. Shorna Allred, Cornell University

Amy Kuo Somchanhmavong, Cornell University