Session 12: Invited Talks

About the Speaker

Dr. Michael Dunaway is a recent graduate of Cornell University’s Natural Resource Department. His work is at the intersection of Indigenous studies, geography, and natural resources. His research focuses on ways for Indigenous communities to build and maintain renewable energy systems to promote their energy independence. His methodology focuses on working within Indigenous communities and using his research to promote the Indigenous resource sovereignty. Dr. Dunaway extends the desire to empower communities into his classroom experiences through active learning modalities. Service Learning is one component of his teaching and research methods because the goal is to provide real benefits to communities while providing real world experiences that broaden students’ understanding of the world. 

Matthew Ponticiello recently graduated from Cornell University with his bachelor's in Global and Public Health Sciences, and participated in Cornell's Global Citizenship and Sustainability program in 2019-2020. He currently works as a research associate at the Weill Cornell Center for Global Health, where he has had the opportunity to work at the junction of global health, anthropology, and community-based development. His projects focus on expanding uptake of HIV services through informal providers, such as traditional healers, in Eastern Africa. Matthew is now in the process of applying to MD/ PhD dual degrees, and hopes to continue to build on his passions for global health and asset-based community development as a physician-scientist.


Amanda Wittman, Cornell University